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A PARQ (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) is a comprehensive health screening tool. It assesses your readiness for physical activity by gathering information about your medical history, current health status, and any potential risks or limitations. Ensure safety and optimize your fitness journey with a PARQ assessment.


Fitness Assessment Preparation

Complete the Fitness Assessment Preparation, by having a measuring tape, body composition tools, and a recording device ready. Take measurements like height, weight, and body circumference. Perform physical activities as directed, recording results accurately. Ensure a thorough assessment for optimal fitness tracking and progress evaluation.


Fitness Assessment

Our online Fitness Assessment empowers you to evaluate your progress independently. Utilize the information gathered during the fitness preparation to complete the assessment accurately. Measure your physical abilities, track body composition, and record results. Gain valuable insights into your fitness journey from the convenience of your own home.


Fitness Quiz

Discover your fitness prowess with our enlightening Fitness Quiz. Unveil insights, set goals, and embark on your wellness journey today!


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